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CHAPTER 9: U N I T Y | SAT 20.05.2023



Ravolution Music Festival – Vietnam’s leading music festival with an international standard organization scale and line-ups of top artists from around the world – is a festival brand of of Ravolution Asia ecosystem. This summer on 20/05/2023, for the first time after 5 years absence of electronic music festivals in the North of Vietnam, Pepsi presents Ravolution Music Festival will bring Rave Culture with electronic music and vibrant atmosphere back to the Northern Ravers. This will be an incredible experience and memorable journey for all of us. Be ready to have a blast this summer!

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More than just a festival, Ravolution Asia is a platform that reaches borders and unites ravers across Vietnam and Asia. It is the leading voice of ravers, representing their love for electronic music and festivals.


Established in 2016 by Anternation JSC, Ravolution Asia has evolutionized the music scene in the region. Ravolution Asia represents the voice of the festival industry, with its innovative approach and unique blend of music and lifestyle to promote Rave Culture in Asia. The platform includes different festival experiences, products and services for ravers to celebrate Ravolution | The Evolution Of Rave.

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Ravolution Asia – the festival culture platform that helps connect Ravers across the countries – provides an exclusive tickets and products distribution network. From tickets to merchandise of major music festivals in Vietnam (Ravolution Music Festival. Creamfields,…) and Southeast Asia (Siam Songkran, It’s The Ship,…), Ravolution Asia will provide Ravers with the most satisfying experience.

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